About Us

Grant Farm—Where Great Ideas Come to Grow

Since 2005, our company has inspired, cultivated, and managed fund development campaigns for forward-thinking organizations around the globe. Our clients are the visionaries working to research, develop, and commercialize advanced energy, water, transportation and manufacturing technologies.

We turn visionary ideas into practical realities.

We guide our clients through the process of ideation and deliver the critical tools necessary for success—from commercialization and technology transfer strategies, to award-winning business plans and powerful marketing, communication, and advocacy campaigns.

Our focus is public fund development campaigns.

Federal and state grants, loans, credits, and incentives that leverage private investment and resources to fund and develop your game-changing technologies and programs.

Our results speak for themselves.

Grant Farm clients, with more than 200 project partners, have successfully funded $1.2 billion in projects and programs while raising more than $450 million in public funds—sowing the seeds that ensure the growth and success of their businesses.

Our goal is simple.

We support you in your pursuit of a world where clean energy, water, and transportation are abundant, affordable, and available to all.

“Our relationship with The Grant Farm has been critical to growing our advanced vehicle portfolio and expanding our business—allowing EDI to dramatically expand partnerships with agencies, fleets, and complementary technologies, developing public investment in our vehicle projects, and leveraging significant new investment in our fast-growing company.”
—Joerg Ferchau, Chief Executive Officer, Efficient Drivetrains Inc.