A green icon of a car with a leaf in the middle of itAdvanced Vehicles Deployed
A green icon of a fuel pumpAdvanced Fuel Production Projects (gal/year)
A green icon of a wind turbineAdvanced Energy Production Projects (MW)
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Successful Fund Solicitation Total $450,000,000
Leveraged Funds $1,200,000,000
Total Project Value $1,650,000,000

Since 2005, The Grant Farm has developed and executed fund campaigns for entrepreneurs, businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit agencies seeking public funding for their advanced energy, transportation, manufacturing, and conservation projects.

In close collaboration with our clients and partners, we have secured more than $450 million in funding and incentives for innovative energy, transportation, manufacturing, and conservation projects from a wide variety of public agencies and helped leverage more than $1.2 billion in additional private investment—advancing technology, improving the environment and creating jobs and economic opportunity in partnership with many of the world’s leading innovators.

Advanced Energy

Applied research and development, technology demonstration and deployment, and market facilitation for clean energy production, management and efficiency technologies.
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Advanced Transportation

Developing, demonstrating and commercializing zero emission automobiles, trucks and buses around the world and expanding the nation’s electric, renewable natural gas and hydrogen fueling infrastructure.
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Advanced Manufacturing

Transformative materials and emerging manufacturing capabilities that support new ways to manufacture existing products and innovative ways to manufacture of new products.
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Agricultural and urban water and energy conservation, reclamation and reuse of water, water use efficiency, and watershed restoration and landscape protection.
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