Advanced Energy

Largest High Solids Anaerobic Digester

Grant Farm has managed the development of more than $14.8 million in grants, loans, and incentives and leveraged $16 million in private capital for leading waste-to-energy company CleanWorld. This development has included the construction and scale-up of the Sacramento BioDigester—converting 36,500 tons per year of food waste per year into negative-carbon renewable natural gas that fuels the Atlas Disposal fleet—and the University of California, Davis Renewable Energy Anaerobic Digester (READ) facility—converting 20,000 tons per year of campus organic waste to electricity to meet campus renewable energy goals.

Smart Grid Deployment in Anaheim, California

Grant Farm teamed with the Auriga Corporation to successfully develop $5.9 million in US Department of Energy funds for this $12.1-million project to fund the installation of 35,000 new residential smart meters and thermostats—representing a quarter of the Anaheim’s homes. The project was critical to reducing the city’s peak load energy usage by 10 percent and limiting the need for stand-by power plants.

Largest Dairy Bioenergy Cluster in United States

Grant Farm has developed four innovative and award-winning submissions to the California Energy Commission and California Department of Food and Agriculture to provide $12.8 million and leverage $14.5 million in funds for the construction of 3 innovative California Bioenergy LLC dairy digesters that will convert dairy manure into more than 20 million kWh of electricity per year and deploy innovative new grid strategies to reduce emissions and utility reliance at Lakeview Farms Dairy, West Star North Dairy, and Carlos Echeverria & Sons Dairy.

Biodiesel Expansion in California

Grant Farm managed the public fund campaign for Crimson Renewable Energy to secure back-to-back successful grants totaling $10M in only nine months for the increase of biodiesel production from 8 million to 22 million gallons per year at its Bakersfield, California production facility. This expansion will make Crimson the single largest producer of biodiesel in California and reduce water use at the facility by more than 50%.

Organic Waste-to Energy Microgrid Facilities

Grant Farm has managed $13.5 million in successful solicitations for Recology, Inc. to construct the 250-ton-per-day Hay Road Anaerobic Digester—which will produce renewable natural gas—and a facility at Recology San Francisco to extract organic waste from municipal solid waste (MSW) to generate 7 MW of bioelectricity at East Bay Municipal Utility District. The projects leverage more than $45 million in private funds, while demonstrating high-penetration, renewable-energy microgrid technology and ultra-low-emission equipment.

New Ultra-Low-Carbon Fuels

Grant Farm managed the development of the California In-State Sorghum Initiative by Pacific Ethanol, Aemetis, and Calgren and successfully solicited $9 million to develop new low carbon, non-corn feedstocks for ethanol production in California in partnership with the University of California and California State University Fresno, leveraging an additional $54 million in private investment and supporting California farmers with new low-water feedstocks for energy.