Welcome To Momentum

On behalf of the team here at Grant Farm, I’m excited to share some news with you.

Back in 2005, we founded this company with a simple idea: to assist innovators working to fund clean energy, transportation, and manufacturing technologies that—at that time—were still mostly the stuff of imagination.

Today—with over 700 visionary clients, collaborators, and partners—we successfully designed some of the most ambitious and transformational advanced technology programs and projects of our time. In all, we helped raise more than $5 billion in public and private capital to research, demonstrate, and deploy microgrid, bioenergy, fleet, and port technologies and products. True to our mantra, Grant Farm really has been a place where good ideas have come to grow.

We are all part of a momentous effort that is demonstrating that it is possible to grow robust, innovative economies that use resources far more efficiently and produce far fewer emissions, while creating a global force for jobs, investment, and economic activity.

But, as you all know, now is not the time to coast. It’s time for creativity. It’s time for inspiration. And it’s time for hard, roll-up-your-sleeves work to build on our collective momentum.

So, as of today, our company will be known as Momentum—a name far more appropriate to the resources that our world-class team of scientists, engineers, technology experts, and project managers and designers brings to bear on behalf of our clients and partners.

Under our new brand, we’ll continue to design award-winning product and program demonstrations. We’ll continue to execute fund campaigns to leverage public and private investment. And we’ll continue to organize and manage commercialization programs. You will continue to see our leadership in managing corporate venture programs and supporting our clients with procurement and sales campaigns. And together, we’ll keep building the teams, partnerships, and collaborations that accelerate the path to commercialization for energy innovations while promoting workforce development, job training, and equitable investment in disadvantaged communities.

We are profoundly grateful to all our clients and partners. It is your genius, your wisdom, your desire to improve the health of our industries and economies, that inspires us.

This is the moment to make your move.

And movement takes Momentum.

I welcome you to come visit us at buildmomentum.io

Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you.

– Shawn Garvey & Mark Filimonov